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Shocking Pink was a zine written by and for young women with an emphasis on topics like contraception, abortion, sexuality, lesbianism, queer issues, violence against women, women culture / music etc., skill sharing (e.g. how to form a band, a women's group etc.), racism, women's rights etc.

Quim was a lesbian erotic magazine. According to Wikipedia it was "for dykes of all sexual persuasions". It ran from 1989–1995 plus one issue in 2000. It had high production levels, beautiful with photographs from many of the best lesbian artists of the day. It was banned from most women and gay bookshops.

quim 1_edited.jpg

Feminaxe was a anarcho-feminist paper from Brixton. It covered international and local political issues, with a strong emphasis on intersectionality, looking a the politics of housing and squatting, disability, issues related to people of colour and lesbian issues. 

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