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THE REBEL DYKES ARCHIVE is lodged at the wonderful Bishopsgate Instute Special Collections and Archive. This is a growing home of the Queer, LGBT, leather, kink, gay, activist and alternative archives.  It is a welcoming space beside Liverpool Street Station in London.  

The REBEL DYKES ARCHIVE was fomally opened in September 2019.  Since then the archive has had archives from Jane Campbell/Maj Ikal and Emily Witham's stunning banner.  
THE REBEL DYKES ARCHIVE COLLECTION has been donated a number of collections of digital photographs and videos.  We are working on cataloguing this collection at the moment, and then we will be lodging the archives at Bishopsgate Institute Special Collection.  

The film makers would particularly like to thank Del LaGrace Volcano and Laney Shim for sharing their archives with us very generously at the start of the project, providing us all with a huge amount of inspiration.  Thank you. 

Our Archive is ever growing.  If you would be interested in donating film, photos, flyers, music, magazines, tickets, t-shirts, badges - please donate!  The archive takes all formats, and you can keep copyright and you can restrict it in anyway.  Contact Bishopsgate Institute Special Collections for more information.  

We are open for collections of heritage from all the outsider Dykes: The dykes squatters, punks, butches, sex workers, kink, gender warriors, femmes, bikers.  
Thank you for your interest in our project. 

Bishopsgate Institute Special Collections and Archive at
230 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4QH. 
Email address:

Descendant of a Rebel Dyke Banner background by Emily Witham
Photo by Dominic Harris © 2021

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