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" When I came to london I had  a tall mohican.  I wanted it to look like fire, so I got all these different reds and oranges, used crazy colour dye, that everybody loved using at the time. I spent a lot of time on my hair - much more than I would now! Spraying it, backcombing it, putting stuff in it, until it was just right. I usually wore some little T-shirts, I remember I had one cut through, and I had gun belts, a black one with gun belts over, and I had one with a skeleton on it.  This one t-shirt,  which was one of my favourites, quite faded,   had this big rat on it… it’s the same image I had tattooed on my back. And I wore a big studded belt, skinny black jeans with lots of holes on it, and the thing I never went out without were like just big  parachuting boots. German army parachuting boots and we put loads of studs all the way round, and drew on lesbian signs and double axes and stuff. And of course my leather jacket, without which I wouldn’t leave the house, whether it was winter, summer or whatever. "  Sabrina 

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