This project has been donated a huge amount of wonderful archive material, digital copies of  flyers, photographs, videos, as well as hours of original interivews both oral and film. All of this history will be donated after the film is finished to the Lesbian Archive based in Glasgow, and the London Metropolitan Archive. 


The film makers would particularly like to thank Del LaGrace Volcano, Lee Harrison and Laney Shim for donating their images to the project. 


If you would be interested in donating material to the film project we can digitise film, video and music cassette tapes, please send originals to us and we will return them (email us for our address), but you would need to scan your own photos  (tiff. files please) as we have no funding for this process. You will also need to complete this form:


If the image is to be used in the film, all the models in image will also need to complete this form:


Email us for more information.


Thank you for your interest in this project!