This project has been donated a huge amount of wonderful archive material, digital copies of  flyers, photographs, videos, as well as hours of original interviews both oral and film.  We have shared some of the archive in the following pages. 

The film makers would particularly like to thank Del LaGrace Volcano and Laney Shim for donating their images to the project. 

If you would be interested in donating film or video or music to the film project we can digitise it for you.  Please send video tapes, mini disc or cassette tapes to us and we will return them (email us for our address

We are open for collections of heritage from all the outsider Dykes, mainly London based, 1981 - 1991. The dyke squatters, punks, sex workers, kink, gender warriors. We want them all.


All the archive is going to Bishopsgate Institute  Please email to discuss any items or digital files you would be interested in donating.

Thank you for your interest in this project!