In the wake of the sensational premier of The Rebel Dykes Documentary Film at BFI Flare, we are proud to announce The Rebel Dykes Art and Archive Show. Opening this summer at Space Station Sixty-Five in Kennington (SE11 4PT).

Public opening night event: June 24th 2021


Exhibition open: 24th June 2021 and runs until 17th September 2021.

Open 12-6pm, Thursday - Saturday.














The Rebel Dykes originated in the 1980s as a group that merged outsider cultures to create fresh feminist explorations of art, sex and activism! Now, The Rebel Dykes Art and Archive Show brings this group of artists back together for the first time in almost 40 years and unites important underrepresented cultural histories with contemporary dyke culture; inviting a variety of younger artists to exhibit new works alongside the dykes who paved their way. This could well be the biggest and most engaging dyke community show of our time to date!


Curated by: artist and archivist Atalanta Kernick (of the Rebel Dykes), and artist and cultural producer, Kat Hudson (of Lesley Magazine).
















“It is so exciting to be part of an exhibition exploring the intergenerational continuum of Dyke art! Growing up rurally I didn’t have any queer elders to look up to and it is deeply enriching and important to understand the art and community being created amongst my peers within a wider context of radical gays making radical art across time! Life would have been so much easier if I had seen this show as a teen.” - Bella Podpadec


"I'm thrilled to be participating in the Rebel Dykes exhibition alongside women I respect and admire hugely. It is because of many of these women that we now enjoy certain freedoms as queer women and I look forward to celebrating their rebellious and fierce spirit." - Sarah Jane Moon


"Rebel Dykes is one of the most important LGBTQIA documentaries ever! Mystical Femmes are so excited to be in a room full of dyke history!" - Mystical Femmes: Katayoun Jalilipour and Tallulah Haddon


“I’m honoured to be part of the Rebel Dykes exhibition, it’s such a monumental and important film. I’m excited to find out about other queer artists in the show I can’t wait to see the final exhibition!” - Kate Jessop


Space Station Sixty-Five (SS65) is very pleased to relaunch with the exhibition Rebel Dykes Art & Archive, linked to the launch of the ground-breaking film Rebel Dykes, which premiered this year at Flare Film Festival, NFT.


This is an important exhibition to be hosting at a time when government-led cultural cleansing is further trying to suppress resistant and marginalised histories.


The Rebel Dykes Art and Archive Show celebrates past and present dissident voices, those who stood boldly against homophobia, Clause 28 and a heteronormative, deeply divided and sexist society. And they did it with style and swagger.



REBEL DYKES ART AND ARCHIVE SHOW shines a spotlight on an underexposed lesbian community of 1980s London; a community with connections to Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp and to major cities in Britain, Europe and US, especially San Francisco, New York, Helsinki and Berlin. 


REBEL DYKES ART AND ARCHIVE SHOW examines a crucial moment in time; a convergence of lesbian punks, bikers, clubbers, musicians, squatters, protestors, kinksters and gender outlaws. 


REBEL DYKES ART AND ARCHIVE SHOW is an interplay of archive material and art works. This is the first time in over 40 years that this group of original Rebel Dykes artists and archivists will be showing their work together,  the older generation of dykes share the space with artists from younger generations, creating a community-affirming intergenerational body of work!


46 artists are coming together across generations to create this substantial exhibition of works. The exhibition boasts a wide range of media: from oral history testimonials and rare images and footage through painting and textiles to film, photography, performance and installations. 


We bring new audiences to the artists and archivists of generations of Rebel Dykes. 


We create intergenerational conversation to stimulate debate and promote new connections in our community. 


REBEL DYKES ART AND ARCHIVE SHOW is produced by REBEL DYKES HISTORY PROJECT CiC.  It is funded by Arts Council England, The National Lottery Heritage Fund and the David Family Foundation. 


About THE NATIONAL LOTTERY HERITAGE FUND: Using money raised by the National Lottery, we Inspire, lead and resource the UK’s heritage to create positive and lasting change for people and communities, now and in the future. 


REBEL DYKES HISTORY PROJECT CIC REBEL DYKES HISTORY PROJECT is an ARCHIVE + ART + FILM project.  We preserve, explore and share the archive of a  bunch of kick ass post punk dykes who shook up London, UK in the 1980s.  Our archive is kept at BISHOPSGATE INSTITUTE, and we are always seeking more archive for our collection.  


REBEL DYKES (feature documentary) premiered to rave reviews at BFI Flare 2021 and will be available from Bohemia Euphoria later this year 


REBEL DYKES ART AND ARCHIVE SHOW takes place in the physical location of Space Station Sixty-Five, Building One, 373 Kennington Lane, SE114PS, London and online. 


© 2021 Rebel Dykes History Project CiC

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