Rebel Dykes History Project Launch Event (online)

May 13, 2020








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On May 28th 2020 we are officially launching the Rebel Dykes History Project CiC.  We’re holding an online event where the project partners will be introducing themselves, and we will tell you our plans for the exhibition and how you can get involved with the archive including sharing any archive items you may have and volunteering on our project. The event will run from 5pm to 6pm. 


We’d love you to come along to this online event.  Please Book here.


As part of our launch event we are running a very special Rebel Dykes Film Club Event. Preaching to the Perverted is a 1997 British sex comedy drama film written and directed by Stuart Urban.[  The film stars Guinevere Turner as Tanya Cheex, a New York dominatrix. Tom Bell plays Henry Harding MP and Christien Anholt plays Peter Emery. In addition, several well-known BDSM performance artists appear, including Chaos Clowns, Luci the Axle Grinder, also known as "Lucifire", Miss Kimberly, The Fetisnonn, Suzi Woodroffe, and Tutu.


Many of women originally involved in the Rebel Dykes scene got involved in the film as extras or characters. 


On May 28th we are showing the film at our film club, with a Special Guest visitor, Stuart Urban, the director and writer.  We are inviting other special guests along too, so keep your eye our on our social media! 


This event will run from 7pm - 10pm (ish) BST.  Book your ticket here. 


Since we were last in touch, we have created the Rebel Dykes History Project, which is a Community Interest Company.  To create this company we had to run a petition, because Company House originally wouldn't let us set up a company with the word DYKE in it's name.  Thank you to everyone who signed the petition.  We were successful, and we are now the first UK company with DYKE in the name!


REBEL DYKES HISTORY PROJECT is an ARCHIVE + ART + FILM project preserves, explores and shares the archive of a  bunch of kick ass post punk dykes who shook up London, UK in the 1980s. 

We're using this archive to:

* Inspire lesbian and bisexual women (cis/trans/enby) 

* Work with academics to ensure the Rebel Dykes are included in history

* Work with artists, musicians, filmmakers and performers to create artworks 

* Reignite original Rebel Dykes community to tackle isolation amongst older women

* Stimulate intergenerational debate and connections


We have continued working on our film, REBEL DYKES, and we will have more news to share about that in the future.  


In December last year, we were successful in our bid for National Heritage Lottery Funding.  These funds were for sharing the archive that we have built up over the years.  We have made strong partnerships with a number of organisations, including On The Record and Bishopsgate Institute.  We’ll be introducing you to