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Go Sleaze! all the news from Summer into Autumn

Times Square film poster

It's been a while since we have blogged, but we haven't forgotten you all! I guess most of the time there really isn't that much news to tell you. Sian and Harri are busy editing, making more animation, and even filming a great recreation of the BBC invasion (they are filming this week!). Hannah has been busy working with The Penthouse Gallery in Manchester, where some of our work was exhibited over the Summer. I've been busy attending film festivals, you might have caught up with you at Sheffield DocFest, where I was a Scottish Delegate, or at Edinburgh International Film Festival. We were invited to pitch at three prestigious forums. We got loads of great feedback, and even won the best pitch award at one of them, but sadly haven't yet raised any more finance. So do introduce us to anyone who might be interested in helping fund the film!

I wanted to get in touch with you to invite you to some of the forthcoming events we've been invited to be part of. This week you might be in time to catch the end of the Queer Art Show #5 on in Manchester till the end of the week. We have a wonderful collage exhibit in it, showing some of the images from the film. We are also proud to be part of the Never Going Underground exhibition at the People's History Museum in Manchester, that also finishes this week.

I'm very excited to be running a couple of events in London on September 23rd. I am holding another Brixton Dykes go on the Rampage walks with Queer Tours of London. This time I am running it with Milo, Formerly of the House of Brag (a south London queer squatting collective) Milo is now working on a Ph.D looking at squatting in Brixton as carried out by groups who explicitly connected it to issues of gender, race, sexuality and class. You'll need to get your ticket in advance for that, follow this link: Eventbrite.

a gallery takeover by artist Nina Wakeford. She is a sound artist, and has created an instillation celebrating the Black Widows, the original Dykes of Bikes gang that ran around in London from 1988 to 1995. She is holding a closing event at the gallery in Southend, and you are all invited! This closing event for the current exhibition ‘Maximum Overdrive’ includes performance, film, and the launch of a new publication celebrating the culture and legacy of the Black Widows women-only motorbike group, active between 1988 and 1995. Comprised of diverse elements, the event will include a newly developed live performance by Wakeford in the main gallery, and the screening of a new digital transfer of the experimental film ‘Fireworks Revisited’ (Zalcock & Chambers, 1994), a re-working of Kenneth Anger’s homoerotic classic, and which features some of the bikers.

I think that is all for now. Hannah and I are working on the perks from the crowdfunder, hope to have more news on them very soon.

Oh and one last call out. Our favourite Rebel Dykes artist, DeLa Grace Volcano is off stateside this winter and would like to ask any Americans out there for an invitation to lecture or perform! I have heard them, truly inspirational. They are travelling around California and the East Coast from the 8th December to the 4th January and are looking for some paying lecturing or performing gigs. anyone can assist, contact Del via email:

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