We are already almost £5, 000!

Well, the crowd- funder month is finally done, and all the money is finally in the Riot Productions bank account. It was a totally exhausting month, but also absolutely amazing. Highlights were meeting so many of our supporters at our sold out show at HOME arts centre in Manchester, with amazing spoken word, the Time Out article, the awe inspiring On Our Backs presentation at the DIY Centre gig in London and working with Hannah on our Bollox take-over.

So you want to know how much money we made? Well less than the £12, 000 we wanted, but hey, we are all skint queers! But more than the nothingpins we thought we would make. We made a totally amazing, and highly respectable nearly £5k. This is once we have already removed the costs of the crowdfunder and the donation to Stonewall Housing ( £402.40!).

We and you all worked hard for this money, so we will spend it carefully.

First thing we are spending our cash on is our tickets to the Edinburgh Film Festival pitch session, which we've been nominated to attend. If you live in Edinburgh come along and cheer us on! It would be amazing to have some friendly faces in the audience. We are going there looking for more funding and for distributors. We want to take this film to the world, and this is our chance.

Before that we are off to Sheffield DocFest. We'll be flirting and flitting around, again trying to speak to Film Industry people who can help us out. We are also planning an event with the amazing Queer Promoters in Sheffield, Andro and Eve. Watch this space!

So that's us for now. We are really busy with our editing, but we are still on track. As usual, we ask you to:

* Share us on social media

* Ask film festivals to get in touch

* Ask bloggers and journalists to get in touch

* Ask rich people to send us money!

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