11 days of crowdfunder and over £2000 raised!

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It's  been a fabulous frantic week and a half, with the Rebel Dykes film crew  racing around from Manchester to London for film showings, tours and an amazing London party. Next we are visiting Glitch, the Queer People of Colour film festival in Glasgow.  Our crowdfunder is finishing at Bollox  takeover in Manchester on April 16th.   I'm dying to tell you all about it.

We launched our crowdfunder at a sell out film showing in Manchester at HOME arts centre. Then off to London to run Brixton Dykes on The Rampage tours, which went down really well. Here's a short film that SophMc made for us. 

On Sunday we worked with a load of other  organisations and friends  to run a really important party  event  celebratinlcelebrating lesbian made lesbian porn. So inspiring to be around such an engaged inter generational debate. Dreams were woven  to create a new lesbian /queer woman porn publication! 

So far we have made almost  £2K in fundraising plus crowdfunder. Our supporters have been so generous!  But we've along way to go before we hit our target of £12, 000 that we need to complete our film to cinema standards and to distribute around festivals next year.

As  one of our awesome supporters ,  we'd love some help from you:

  • donate if you can. Perks are available from  £1 to £1k.

  • orgainise a fundraiser, we've got tons of contacts and  advice we can give you

  • Introduce us to any journalists or bloggers you know. Just pass on our email address contact@rebeldykes1980s.com 

  • tell your friends about us

  • Tweet, facebook, instagram etc about our crowdfunder @RebelDykes  #JoinRebelDykes http://livetree.com/rebel-dykes 

  • Introduce us to a wealthy person  or company that might be interested in funding/supporting us. 

#lesbian #crowdfunder #Bollox #Queer

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