Crowdfunder 5 . 4 . 3 . 2 .......

Ok, we here at Rebel Dykes central office are all ready to go with our Crowdfunder. We hope you are all

psyched up for it yourselves! We are a tiny crew without funding or contacts, and we really can't do this without the support of each and every one of our supporters.

We are launching at HOME Arts Centre in Manchester on Screen 1 (they won't know what's hit them! 250 screaming Rebel Dykes!) a special event, with Instigate Arts, Wonder Woman Festival and For Books Sake blog.

The crowdfunder will launch as the event starts, 4pm on March 12th. We'd love people to start donating to us straight away. That way the world will see that the film is worth investing in. Early adopters will encourage others! So do get ready to donate. We have a range of amazing perks from postcards, patches and T-shirts to exclusive parties and meals out with the crew! Prices range from £1 to £1k, with the huge added bonus that you will be helping us make the film and get it out into the world. Each donation can be increased by 10% to help LGBT Homeless as we have linked up with Stonewall Housing's LGBT Jigsaw project. or

We are then touring our crowdfunder, stopping off in London, Glasgow and back to Manchester, where we'll be taking over the ground floor of legendary Manchester queer club night, Bollox as we bring our crowdfunder to a close (more gossip about this to come!)

Support us during the 5 weeks we are crowdfunding (March 12th to April 17th) by donating, encouraging friends to donate, using hashtag #JoinRebelDykes, sharing our crowdfunder link or

Here is a table showing where we will be over the next 5 weeks. We'll be blogging, facebooking and tweeting all about it as we go. Do #JoinRebelDykes out and about!

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