Countdown to Crowdfunder! #JoinRebelDykes

Hi there, all our lovely Rebel Dykes friends and supporters.

We are on countdown to our Crowdfunder month, which will run from 12th March to 10th April. During this month I will be more in touch with you than usual as I will have news, updates and events to share about. Do let me know if you would like me to remove you from our mailing list.

I would like to request that you kindly share and spread images and links we send you, and talk up the film. We are aiming to raise £12, 000. From this we will be donating 10% to LGBT Jigsaw, a Youth LGBT Housing Charity in London (part of Stonewall, London). One thing all the Rebel Dykes had in common was homelessness, and there is not the option of squatting these days. The rest of the funds will be used to ensure the film is cinema quality, to ensure successful marketing and distribution and to pay necessary fees.

The Crowdfunder pre-launch link is here:

We are launching at an event at HOME Manchester on 12th March, and we are encouraging people to buy their tickets in advance so we can get the biggest screen. They say Lesbian Events can't fill Screen 1 (250), let's prove them wrong!

We are launching in London with a Drag Kings, Queens and InBetweens at the DIY Space in London on March 19th.

I look forward to seeing you at any of these events, or maybe at BFI Flare in London. Do come up and say hello, we love to meet our Rebel Dykes!

As ever, always seeking funding angels who would be interested in investing in the film, so do introduce us to anybody who might be interested. Also looking to speak to bloggers and media people, so again, do introduce us!

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