Crowdfunder Dreaming......

Work Hard, dream BIG

New Year, New Plans and Dreams! Welcome to all our new supporters. Thank you for joining us, we truly need every single one of you!

Right, we are going to start the year with some announcements and some requests!

We are finally doing the much anticipated Crowd Funder in Spring 2017, and we are starting our planning for it RIGHT NOW!

It's going to Kick Off on March 12th 2017 with a Three Very Special Events!

1) We are doing our Final showing of our Work In Progress cut of our film at HOME Art Centre in Manchester on March 12th, as part of Wonder Woman festival, more details to come!

2) We're hatching up plans to do a special event in London in March - more details to come (and let us know if you want to help out!

3) We are working with the fantastic crew from Queer Tours of London to curate an activist focussed Rebel Dyke walk about Brixton. Again, more details to come!

And so - here is what we need from you:

1) We are recruiting NOW for a gang of Social Media Angels to help us the first week of our Crowdfunder. We'll be sharing memes, twibbons and gifs. If you have an interest in FB, Instagram, Snapchat or any other social media platform - we need you now! We need as many people as we can recruit. Please message me right back if you are up for being a Rebel Dyke Social Media Angel March 11th to 19th 2017 - and possibly earlier too!

2) Do you know anyone with some spare cash? Can you introduce me to them? We know not all queers are poor! I'll do the asking, but need some intro's. They'll have the chance to get involved with funding a rare lesbian British film about a bunch of kick ass cool women who helped create the queer world we live in.

3) Can you like our Facebook page, follow us on twitter, share our posts and basically help us get our film out there into the world? We need you! It's so hard to make a lesbian film, we are never exactly flavour of the month, especially as the lesbians we feature are dirty, disreputable outlaw women! But this is just the story we need to hear. So please check out all the links below, and share, share, spam and share! This year we got to make the cash to finish this film, and we need all the help we can get!

Thank you so very very much for all and any support you have or you are thinking of giving us. We can't do this without you all!

#Indiegogo #DIYCulture #Feminism

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