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Broken bones couldn't keep me away!

As we are busy working away on the film, I thought I would invite our supporters and friends to guest blog on our website. Our first Guest Blogger is Angela, who writes of her memories of living in London in the 1980s. This picture is of her and her girlfriend at Pride 1989. They are still together!

The Bell

In the 1980s I was living in a lesbian separatist house in Hackney. I had arrived from Liverpool with one small bag and one smashed up heart. The women in the house were as diverse a bunch as you could imagine. They took me in, and they took me out. Of all the pubs and clubs that I went to, the one that will always be front and centre in my affections is The Bell.

We’d take the number 30 bus and head to King’s Cross. Once inside the pub, it was wall to wall dykes, on both sides of the bar! Cruising and dancing, dancing and cruising, it was a slice of heaven. Outside we had plenty to take to the streets about, and we did. We marched for the miners, we marched against Clause/Section 28, Gays the Word was raided, there was Mary Whitehouse and Margaret Thatcher, there was HIV/Aids. We marched against strip searching, we marched for women’s rights, we marched for our own rights. No wonder we were thirsty.

Wild horses couldn’t have kept me away from The Bell, so, even after breaking a rib, I was there two nights later. Anyone got a time machine?

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