Meet some of the REBEL DYKES HISTORY PROJECT staff

Siobhan Fahey - Producer


"I was an original rebel dyke. This is my first time as a film producer, but this is a story I have always wanted to tell. I live in Manchester and work part time as a queer promoter."

Whitney - Sound Recordist


"I'm a sound technician and musician. Ever since the legacy of women in punk rock inspired me to pick up a bass guitar, I've been a noise-maker with DIY, female and queer bands."

Sian Williams    



"I'm a Film Archivist at the BFI, part time filmmaker, DJ and bass player.                                           Pro- Sex feminism, photogaphy of the US and UK Rebel dykes and  music of Queercore and Riot Grrrl influence my life and work. I love meeting and filming rebel dykes and want to honour their stories".

Ellyott, Composer

“I came to London in 1987 and the ''chain reaction'' gang became my family for life, so doing the music for this film is perfect.  I'm an Israeli musician and DJ, I've made albums with Pollyanna Frank, Sister George, Night Nurse as well as solo. I also compose for TV and Film.”

Harri Shanahan



"I'm an artist, video editor and animator. My connection with the rebel dykes comes from involvementwith queer DIY creativity, and playing in all-women bands.

As a rebellious queer, I'm inspired by the people I've met while making this film."

Hannah, Title Designer


"I'm a queer feminist illustrator & designer from Manchester. My life and work is inspired by sex, gender, trash, glamour, pop culture, politics, neon lights and nostalgia - so doing scribbles for Rebel Dykes is the perfect fit for me as an artist."