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We preserve, explore and share the archive of a  bunch of kick ass post punk dykes who shook up London, UK in the 1980s

We use the Rebel Dykes archive to:

  • Stimulate intergenerational debate and community

  • Inspire lesbian and bisexual women (cis/trans/nb) 

  • Work with academics to ensure the Rebel Dykes are included in history

  • Work with artists, musicians, filmmakers and performers to create artworks 

  • Reignite and reinvent  Rebel Dykes community in order to fight isolation amongst younger and older dykes and allies

"Life in the 1980s? Well... it was exciting, it was scary, it was fun, it was poor,  it was a great time and a terrible time to be young and queer in London." Debbie Smith

REBEL DYKES HISTORY PROJECT focuses on the heritage of a group of young lesbians who lived in London in the 1980s. This loose grouping was made up of young punk women on the edge of society. The areas of London that the heritage focuses on is Brixton, Vauxhall, Peckham, Soho, Forest Gate and Hackney.  The young women were involved in political movements of the period 1983 - 1991, including Greenham Common, South London Women’s Hospital Occupation, anti-censorship, sex-positive feminism, sex workers rights, anti Section 28, ACT-UP and the Poll Tax Riots. As a movement they were heavily involved in art and culture, creating  bands, art, club nights, zines and festivals.

Our project has inspired a host of art activities from sound to textiles to drag performance.  We have worked with a number of academics to ensure these stories get into the history book.  We are working with filmmakers to create a Feature Length Documentary.  We run occasional events, including Gatherings and Online Film Club.  We work with numerous partners, including Bishopsgate Institute and On The Record.  We inspire, we develop community, we have fun.  We are The Rebel Dykes, and we believe anything is possible!

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